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About School of Indian and Foreign Languages

The School of Indian and Foreign Languages at the Garden City University offers various courses pertaining to linguistics, Indian and foreign languages. The program's goal is to familiarize students with a wide range of English and other foreign language literature. The school seeks to provide students with the opportunity to read and respond to a wide range of novels, plays, and poems from various genres at a very basic level. Students are also given an opportunity to be exposed to broader socio-cultural and political problems in relation to modern literature at the secondary level making the school very interdisciplinary. The school also provides an opportunity to engage with cutting-edge research in linguistics and literature especially computational linguistics and further increase career opportunities in both India as well as across the globe. The School of Indian and Foreign Languages is a diverse community of scholars who are experienced in interdisciplinary education and research which further enriches the degree programs offered here. The School of Indian and Foreign languages, also has connections with various international bodies, companies and media, allowing students to cultivate an industry-focused, creative approach, that gives them an edge at prospective job opportunities. With a focus on high-quality education and research, the School of Indian and Foreign Languages endeavours to create graduates who can offer leadership, direction, and vision to society.

The future plans of the School

  • The future plans of the School include taking up more translation projects, conducting major and minor projects in creative and technical writing, establishing translation hubs for foreign language etc.