Regulations on Conduct and Discipline

Conduct and Discipline:

Every Gardenian is required to demonstrate ethical, professional and exemplary conduct and decorous behaviour both inside and outside the campus and not to indulge in any activity that will tend to bring down the prestige of the University. Should be self-motivated and be self-disciplined and make the most of their ability and contribute to the happiness and well-being of the GCU community by supporting others.

Student Code of Conduct:

The act of Indiscipline:

Student Code of Conduct

The act of Indiscipline:

Academic Dishonesty

Malpractices by the students appearing for examination:

Procedure for conducting enquiry and reporting:

Action after the submission of the report:

Change of Regulations:


Conduct And Discipline:

Purpose of the policy:


Scope of the policy


End Semester Examination:

Examination Committee

Examination Committee

During examination process:

During examination process:

Post examination:

Practical examinations:

Board of Examiners