M.Sc. Visual Communication (Electronic Media)

Overview of the Programme

M.Sc. Visual Communication (Electronic Media)

Welcome to the M.Sc. Visual Communication (Electronic Media) program at Garden City University (GCU). Our program offers a comprehensive curriculum and industry-focused approach to prepare students for successful careers in the dynamic field of electronic media. Here are the key highlights of our program:

Our key courses include Film Studies, Script Writing, Video Production, Direction, Editing, Camera, and Media Project. Through these courses, you will gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills in various aspects of electronic media.

At GCU, we prioritize practical hands-on learning and exposure. You will have the opportunity to engage in media coverage, news bulletin production, and creating promotional videos, allowing you to apply your skills in real-world scenarios. 

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Course Structure

Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4

Programme Highlights

Pedagogy and Assessment

Our pedagogy is designed to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the professional world. Our postgraduate Visual Communication program challenges students to apply their knowledge and skills to real-world scenarios through immersive case study assessments. This approach enables them to develop critical thinking abilities and problem-solving skills relevant to their field. We believe in nurturing creativity and teamwork. Through engaging mini projects, students are encouraged to unleash their creativity, collaborate effectively, and explore innovative approaches to visual communication. This fosters their adaptability and innovation, preparing them for dynamic work environments. To encourage students to delve deeper into their areas of interest, we integrate independent study through MOOCs platforms. This empowers them to pursue self-directed learning, explore emerging trends, and enhance their expertise in specific aspects of visual communication.

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Fee Structure for the Academic Year 2024-25

Domestic / NRI Fee Structure

M.Sc. Visual Communication (Electronic Media)

Course Duration
2 years

1st Installment
INR 30,000

3 Subsequent Installments
INR 60,000

International Fee Structure

M.Sc. Visual Communication (Electronic Media)

Course Duration
2 years

1st Installment
$ 500

3 Subsequent Installments
$ 1000


CAUTION DEPOSIT : Rs. 5000/- to be paid by all the  students.

(Rs. 3000/- will be refunded after successful completion of the course and Rs. 2000/- would be retained towards registration fees for life time Alumni Association Membership)


PG Programs: Rs.3500/-

Programme Prospects

Three decades of legacy and strong placement initiatives have ensured that GCU Graduates are highly employable in various industries. The strong alumni base provides hand holding for a smooth transition from the classroom to the corporate world.

Job Opportunities

Career Path

After completing a M.Sc. Visual Communication (Electronic Media) degree at Garden City University (GCU), you will be equipped with a strong foundation and practical skills to pursue various exciting career paths in the dynamic field of electronic media. Here are some of the most trending career opportunities that you can explore:

Video Editor/Post-production Artist: As a video editor or post-production artist, you will be responsible for assembling, editing, and enhancing raw footage into a final product. This may include adding visual effects, sound effects, and ensuring the overall quality of the video content. Recruiting companies: Prime Focus Technologies, Reliance MediaWorks, Crest Animation Studios.

Scriptwriter: As a scriptwriter, you will be involved in creating compelling narratives, dialogues, and storylines for various media platforms, including films, TV shows, web series, and advertisements. You will need to have a strong understanding of storytelling techniques and the ability to captivate audiences through your writing. Recruiting companies: Red Chillies Entertainment, Dharma Productions, Balaji Telefilms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for admission to Garden City University?

Apply online through this link https://admissions.gardencity.university/ or Schedule an appointment through the link below to meet with a counselor at the admissions office.
Register and verify your email to initiate the application process.
Submit your application and pay the Rs 2000/- fee.
Receive a conditional offer letter after your application is reviewed, which outlines the conditions for acceptance.
Comply with the conditions stated in the offer letter, meeting eligibility criteria, fulfil specific requirements, complete assigned tasks, and pay the first instalment fee.
Upon meeting the conditions, receive an Enrolment Letter confirming your acceptance into the program.

Are there scholarships or finance options available for students?

Garden City University is committed to supporting students in their academic pursuits through scholarships and finance options.
For information on Scholarship please visit https://www.gardencity.university/scholarship/ or speak to our Admission Counsellor at +919019921992.
Garden City University has collaborations with Non-Banking Financial Companies(NBFCs) that offer interest-free student loans specifically for fee payments. For any assistance, please speak to our Admission Counsellor at +919019921992.

What are the co-curricular and extracurricular activities practised at GCU?

The University has a highly acclaimed and active NCC unit which organises parades and involves itself in activities at a National level. The NSS wing of the University has human care, sustainable practices, educating the downtrodden as its core activities. The NSS has adopted five villages of Bangalore in line with the vision of the Government of India’s Swachhata Abhiyan mission and being recognised among the top 65 institutions in the country making it the right candidate to be chosen for the hall of fame. The University has 35 clubs ranging from Debate to music to badminton to futsal to frisbee to chess to dance. Core teams comprising of students participate in media coverage of national and international events (https://www.gardencity.university/campus-life/calendar-of-events/), fashion show which is a part of the fashion and apparel design school with international brands (https://www.gardencity.university/campus-life/calendar-of-events/), entrepreneurship and management club, incubation club, research club, beekeeping club, catering club and so on. Being an Interdisciplinary studies University there is much emphasis on giving the student a rounded perspective of studies and activities of individual interest.

What is the teaching style at Garden City University?

Garden City University follows a combination of teaching methods, including lectures, interactive sessions, group discussions, case studies, practical demonstrations, blended learning, self-directed study, and more.

Does Garden City University facilitate internships for students?

Absolutely! Garden City University has seamlessly integrated compulsory internships into its curriculum across all programs. GCU has  established collaborations with numerous industries and organizations to offer extensive internship opportunities for our students. These internships play a pivotal role in providing practical exposure, enhancing professional skills, and fostering industry connections, thus preparing students for successful careers.

Does Garden City University provide hostel facilities?

Yes, the university provides separate hostel facilities for male and female students. To know more, please visit https://www.gardencity.university/campus-life/accommodation/

Programme Highlights

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