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Overview of the Programme

B.COM Bachelor of Commerce
This Programme is approved by University Grants Commission.

Explore the domains of finance, marketing, accounting, economics, and more in our Bachelor of Commerce program. With essential subjects that shape the future of commerce, ignite your passion for knowledge and step into a world brimming with endless possibilities. Here’s why GCU is the best university for your B.Com course in Bangalore:

Our B.Com program covers essential subjects such as Finance and Banking, Accounting and Taxation, ensuring you develop a strong foundation in these areas. We believe in providing a well-rounded education that prepares you for the challenges of the industry.

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Course Structure

Semester 1

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Semester 2

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Semester 3

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Semester 4

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Semester 5

Semester 6


Garden City University offers a variety of specialization courses for students to pursue their passions and career goals. These courses cover a wide range of fields, including finances, banking & insurance, accounting, and taxation.

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