B.Sc. in Forensic Sciences, Chemistry & Genetics

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    Overview of the Programme

    B.Sc. in Forensic Sciences, Chemistry & Genetics

    Embark on an extraordinary journey of discovery and intrigue with our captivating BSc program in Forensic Science, Chemistry, and Genetics, where you will unravel the enigmas of crime investigation, chemical phenomena, and genetic advancements, igniting your passion for scientific exploration. If you’re passionate about solving mysteries, uncovering evidence, and making a difference in the field of law enforcement and investigation, then our B.Sc. programme in Forensic Sciences, Chemistry & Genetics is the perfect choice for you.

    At Garden City University, we offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of subjects essential to forensic science. Our key courses include Fundamentals of Forensic Science, Law and Crime Scene Management, Questioned Document and Fingerprinting, Forensic Biology…

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    Course Structure

    Semester 1

    Semester 2

    Semester 3

    Semester 4

    Semester 5

    Semester 6

    Programme Highlights

    Pedagogy and Assessment

    At Garden City University, we prioritize active teaching methodologies to create an immersive and transformative learning environment for students pursuing a B.Sc. in Forensic Sciences, Chemistry & Genetics. Our pedagogical approach is designed to empower students in these fields, equipping them with practical skills, critical thinking abilities, and a deep understanding of the applications and advancements in forensic sciences, chemistry, and genetics.

    We employ dynamic teaching techniques, including immersive case study assessments, that challenge students to apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios specific to forensic sciences, chemistry, and genetics. Through engaging mini projects, students unleash their creativity, problem-solving skills, and teamwork abilities, fostering innovation and adaptability within the context of forensic investigations.

    Independent study opportunities are integrated into our curriculum through MOOCs platforms, enabling students to explore specialized areas of interest within forensic sciences, chemistry, and genetics. This empowers them to pursue in-depth knowledge and stay updated with the latest developments in their chosen fields.

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    Fee Structure for the Academic Year 2023-24

    Domestic / NRI Fee Structure

    B.Sc. Forensic Sciences, Chemistry and Genetics

    Course Duration
    3 years

    1st Installment
    INR 50,000

    5 Subsequent Installments
    INR 75,000

    International Fee Structure

    B.Sc. Forensic Sciences, Chemistry and Genetics

    Course Duration
    3 years

    1st Installment
    $ 1200

    5 Subsequent Installments
    $ 900


    CAUTION DEPOSIT : Rs. 5000/- to be paid by all the  students.

    (Rs. 3000/- will be refunded after successful completion of the course and Rs. 2000/- would be retained towards registration fees for life time Alumni Association Membership)


    UG Programs: Rs.3000/-

    Programme Prospects

    Three decades of legacy and strong placement initiatives have ensured that GCU Graduates are highly employable in various industries. The strong alumni base provides hand holding for a smooth transition from the classroom to the corporate world.

    Job Opportunities

    Career Path

    A B.Sc. in Forensic Sciences, Chemistry & Genetics from Garden City University opens up a wide range of exciting and in-demand career paths. Here are some of the most trending and promising career options that you can pursue after completing your degree:

    Forensic Scientist: As a forensic scientist, you’ll work in crime laboratories and analyze physical evidence. You’ll use your knowledge of forensic sciences, chemistry, and genetics to examine fingerprints, DNA samples, and other forensic materials. Recruiting companies in India for forensic scientists include the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL), National Forensic Sciences University (NFSU), and State Forensic Science Laboratories (SFSL).

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    List of companies where UG & PG forensic students of GCU got placement opportunities:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I choose GCU?

    Garden City University is a three-decade institution and INTERDISCIPLINARY in nature. The University has eight Schools under it offering courses from Diploma to Bachelor to Post graduation to PhD. The university has students from 81 different countries and every state and union territory in India. The University has the unique mix of Arts, Science and Management Education offered with Technology as the base. Be it Media studies, Life Sciences or Hotel Management, the emphasis is on practical education with the aid of technology tools to enhance learning and equip a student to work in the industry. Not to mention GCU has the credit of awarding graduation certification to 28 Colonels of the Indian Army attached to the Corps of Military Police.

    How do I enrol for a programme of my choice at GCU?

    The admission process is based on the courses offered at the UG and PG level. The student goes online, fills the application with required details and files the same online for registering for the programme of choice. This will be accompanied by paying a registration fee as mentioned in the application form. However, if the student needs any clarification, be it regarding the programme of choice or GCU as a University, entry criteria etc, the counsellors at the University are just a call away. Once the registration process is completed, the admissions department shall communicate on further documents required and fee to be paid for the programme of choice. Post the above process the student shall submit their original certificate to the registrar’s office for validation and verification. Once this process is completed the student gets enroled and an ID card is issued to the student. (Hostel formalities and transportation facilities are addressed in this page) After enrolment the student shall voluntarily apply for GCU’s talent test which shall be the criteria for availing scholarship for the first year of study. Such talent test shall be conducted year on year to encourage studious students and also set the criteria for a UG student to be the most favoured student of choice for PG programmes. Apply Now


    Does the University have hostel facility?

    The University runs its own hostels for boys and girls separately. The hostels are in the vicinity of the campus with automated entry and further secure measures. More details on the hostel, fees and terms and conditions may be availed from the admissions office.

    How do I connect with GCU when I become an alumni?

    The University has a well-organized alumni network that comprises students who have passed out over the last three decades. The alumni association comprises of senior executives who work with the industry and provide further opportunities to students who study at the University. The University hosts a National meet in the month of June every year and International alumni meet at Dubai, France, Maldives, London and Singapore (International alumni meets are conducted based on the availability and time factor of the alumni present in these countries).

    Do GCU staff involve in activities beyond academics?

    The teaching and non-teaching staff at GCU are fully encouraged to participate in art, music, science and technology-based happenings, events across the globe. The University boasts of senior staffs who are voted as one among the top ten online painting artists in the globe. A research faculty from Harvard who is been chosen as the lead scientist to spear head innovations in Science. Department head whose passion is apitherapy and travels across the globe to advice on Indian species of bees and is an active organiser of the SAARC Apitherapy federation. A faculty member whose passion is offering physiotherapy for the mass and successfully operates a string of physiotherapy rehabilitation centres across the country. Strategic resources work with international Universities to offer experiences to students in Business Management, Winter sports injuries, experiences on cultural diversity with emphasis on local food and culture. Theatre, art, confluence of art and business management through acclaimed resources chosen and conducted internationally. Most of all the faculty of the University schools are adept at technology and have devised the methodology of teaching innovatively using resources and mobile devices.


    Can you provide us with details of the University recognition?

    The University was established through ACT No 47 of 2013 in Karnataka State and is approved by UGC, Govt of India.

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