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M.Sc Forensic Science


This Programme is approved by University Grants Commission.

Forensic Science is the application of scientific knowledge to aid in the administration of justice. This program has been designed to offer an in-depth study of Forensic Science, a very interesting subject to study and also to practice (Click to know the fee structure)
Forensic Science incudes a plethora of subjects, which consist of Forensic medicine (forensic pathology & forensic psychiatry), Forensic toxicology, Forensic odontology, Forensic anthropology, Criminology, criminalistics, Police administration, Ballistics, Forensic Serology including DNA typing, Forensic Dermatoglyphics, Questioned Documents, Cyber forensic and so on. Other specialties (polygraph, brain mapping, narco- analysis are also part of Forensic Science.

The course modules are embedded with extensive knowledge and practical skills of the various subjects which come under the aegis of forensic science. The curriculum is framed by the expertise of learned academic experts and forensic laboratory scientists to establish an academically oriented forensic graduates highly trained in the fields of forensic research and applications. The students aspiring to join this programme will undergo an intensive lab based and simulation classes along with active engagement lecture sessions, which will enhance the learning outcome index among these students. The curriculum is designed in such a manner that the students will able to specialize in four subjects, from the options offered to them based on their interest. Exciting internships have been planned during the last semester. A mandatory submission of a minor and major research dissertation will sharpen the astute research capabilities and encourage them to further research.

The assessment of the learning process is also uniquely designed at our University which involves a continuous evaluation of the academic progression of the students in both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Course structure

Semester I

  • Introduction to Forensic Science, Criminal Law, Criminology and Police Administration(Theory & Practical)
  • Criminalistics (Theory & Practical)
  • Forensic Biology (Theory & Practical)
  • Fundamentals of Fingerprint examination and Questioned Documents(Theory & Practical)

  • Soft Core Course

  • Research Methodology & Biostatistics

Semester II

  • General instrumentation 1 (Theory & Practical)
  • Forensic Chemistry (Theory & Practical)
  • Forensic Medicine, Toxicology and Forensic Anthropology (Theory & Practical)
  • Minor dissertation
  • Trace evidence and Photography
  • Research Methodology with Ethics in research

Semester III

  • Forensic Ballistics / Advanced Forensic Chemistry (Theory & Practical)
  • General instrumentation-2 / Forensic Serology, Genetics & DNA typing (Theory & Practical)
  • Cyber Forensics /Advanced Forensic Toxicology (Theory & Practical)
  • Questioned documents / Forensic Dermatoglyphics (Theory & Practical)

  • Soft Core Courses

  • Bioinformatics

  • Open Elective Course

  • DNA typing

  • Self Study

  • Juvenile Justice System

Semester IV

  • Major dissertation
  • Internship

Fee structure for the Academic year 2020-21

Programmes Course Duration Fee Per year
M.Sc Forensic Science 2 years 170000

First year Second year
$ 3000 $ 3000
TRIPLE SHARING - - - 85000 -
DOUBLE SHARING 95000 110000 120000 95000 95000
SINGLE SHARING 135000 155000 165000 135000 135000
SINGLE WITH AC & REFRIDGERATOR - 180000 190000 - 180000

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Application status Open

Duration Two year full-time

Study mode Full-time

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Entry Requirements

a). B.Sc. with Chemistry as one of the major subjects and any two of the following subjects: Anthropology/ Biochemistry/ Biotechnology / Botany/ Genetics/ Mathematics/ Microbiology/ Molecular Biology/ Physics/ Statistics/ Zoology/ MBBS/ BDS/ B.Pharm./ B.Sc.(Forensic Science) are also eligible provided they have secured 50% marks in the aggregate of all the optional subjects.

b). In the absence of candidates in (a), Graduates in Agricultural Science, Dairy Sciences, Horticulture, Forestry, Fisheries, Pharmacy, Engineering (Biotechnology), Medicine / Dental or Agricultural Engineering, with 50% marks in the aggregate are eligible.

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