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Programme accreditation

This Course Is Offered By The Regulating Authority Of Garden City Group Of Institutions And Follows The Guidelines As Opined By UGC.

MSc Biotechnology program at Garden City University is meticulously designed to provide an advanced specialised programme of learning & studying the process of Molecular Biology & Molecular Genetics, Immunology & Immunotechnology, Plant Biotechnology & Agricultural Biotechnology, Biostatastics and Bioinformatics & Research Methodology, Genetic Engineering, Proteomics & Genomics, Animal Biotechnology and many other allied subjects. The programme taught at Garden City University, Bangalore initiates the sprouting of the knowledge radical of the students and also enhances their research bent of mind. The spectrum of practical activities conducted during the taught & research program are impeccable. 

The programme focuses on understanding the application of biological components in our day to day life, new methods of disease control, all of which are essential for developing diagnostics and treatments. 

The programme enhances the skills of students to pursue their research in the key areas where renowned research laboratories across the globe are willing to recruit researchers to excel in their career options..

Key benefits

  • Bangalore is the hub for several renowned research laboratories in the field of Sciences & India is developing into a large basket for medical research, healthcare, education & entrepreneurs which can act as fuel for the students to pursue their tertiary education.
  • The mode of teaching is delivered by renowned scientists, academicians and experts in the research areas of the curriculum, who in turn are adapting modern teaching aids to conduct theory & practical sessions at our University premises.
  • Tracking down the legacy, Garden City Group of Institutions is ranked by many ranking agencies as one of the best institution in India for post graduate employment according to statistics.
  • At Garden City University we provide proficient recruitment consultancy and promote international collaborations for student development programmes.
  • Contemporary cutting-edge approach based on our history of pioneering research & development activities.
  • The student gets an opportunity to customize their credits through Practical Exposure Quotient (PEQ TM ) which will depend on flexible credits curriculum system.
  • We have tie up with several organizations to enrich the curriculum to meet the demands of the industry.

GCU employs the “ARM” pedagogy method which fuels ambition in the student, provides ample resources to excel and continuous mentoring for the students to achieve their goal.  Read more.....

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