Learning can never stop – Blended Learning during pandemic:

One thing this corona virus pandemic has made us aware of is that Colleges are never going to be same again. With the closure of Colleges and all other educational institutions, parents being more hesitant, the pressure to maintain social distance and the importance of wearing masks in day to day activities, going to College […]

7 Simple Steps to make Yourself Employable

Would you like have a large repertoire of skills, get to choose which skills you want to get paid for and how much you get paid, who you want to work with, which projects you want to work on and when?  Well, then you must be “employable”. In other words, you need to have the […]

Bachelor of Business administration – BBA

Bachelor of Business administration What is the forecast for BBA? Bachelor of Business Administration is a wide field that includes international business, finance, marketing, and human resource management. It focuses on the interconnection of these fields of specialization which help the learners to develop business decision abilities, communication skills, and practical business knowledge. Therefore, it […]

Courses and skills that will go in demand Post-Covid-19

The world is transforming drastically and moving towards an unprecedented time. We are in lockdown from months and it is perhaps unknown to anyone across the globe about when will things get back to normal. We don’t know whether we’ll ever go back to normal again but; one thing that it is certain is ‘change’. […]

Becoming Employable upon Graduation

College, Fun and Job!! Let’s bust some myths!! College means fun! It means long cafeteria hangouts, it means selfie with friends, it means hostel life, it also means getting the best of education! But once the college life is towards the end it also means worrying for a good job. Afterall who would not love […]

Why BA tourism will be a better option post COVID-19

BA (Tourism) the best career choice post COVID19! Yes, it is true! The tourism industry has been badly hit due to the COVID19 pandemic. There has been loss that amounts to millions of dollars! It has also affected the livelihoods of small businesses like cottage industries that would earn revenue only from the tourism industry. […]

Social Distancing from Social Media! Is it even possible?

The Covid-19 Pandemic has made all of us aware of what is social distancing. In a couple of months’ time each one of us are, at least 6 feet away from our family members, our BFFs, that 2am friend and name whoever you want. But social distancing from social media? Is it even possible? FOMO […]

How Should You Take Care of Your Mental Health Amidst COVID-19

HOW TO COPE UP WITH YOUR MIND AMIDST COVID-19 Lockdown – a word which was obscure before December 2019 has now become the talk of town with endless versions. This is of course because of the “Corona” breakout aka “COVID” pandemic. But enough of the virus, let’s talk about human’s mental health during COVID-19. It […]

Child & Parent during Before College Life

WHAT SHOULD BE THE MINDSET OF A STUDENT BEFORE ENTERING COLLEGE LIFE AND HOW SHOULD PARENTS TREAT/HANDLE THEIR CHILDREN DURING THIS STAGE? A child who is getting into a college from school is at the peak of his adolescence. An adolescent has the characteristics of both an adult and a child. They are in a […]

Maintaining Social Distancing and Friendship

Introduction Maintaining social distancing amongst peer pressure, and friends will be one of the hardest things you will ever have to do. The best way to approach it is to have an open and frank discussion about your expectations and the expectations of others, on the need for social distancing to be enforced and maintained. […]

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