How Should You Take Care of Your Mental Health Amidst COVID-19

HOW TO COPE UP WITH YOUR MIND AMIDST COVID-19 Lockdown – a word which was obscure before December 2019 has now become the talk of town with endless versions. This is of course because of the “Corona” breakout aka “COVID” pandemic. But enough of the virus, let’s talk about human’s mental health during COVID-19. It […]

Child & Parent during Before College Life

WHAT SHOULD BE THE MINDSET OF A STUDENT BEFORE ENTERING COLLEGE LIFE AND HOW SHOULD PARENTS TREAT/HANDLE THEIR CHILDREN DURING THIS STAGE? A child who is getting into a college from school is at the peak of his adolescence. An adolescent has the characteristics of both an adult and a child. They are in a […]

Maintaining Social Distancing and Friendship

Introduction Maintaining social distancing amongst peer pressure, and friends will be one of the hardest things you ever do. The best way to approach it is to have an open and frank discussion about your expectations and the expectations of others, on the need for social distancing to be enforced and maintained. How to maintain […]

BA English (Hons)

If you’re looking to enrich your knowledge of English literature at one of the top colleges in Bangalore, look no further than the BA English (Hons) at Garden city University. This thee year degree with honours will not only develop your knowledge of the English language and the breadth of your experience with various forms […]

Beyond Academics: What College Will Teach You

Deciding to go to college is a difficult decision for many young people and their parents. Where should you go to college? Why should you go to college? What should you study? How can you pay for your college experience? Today, more than ever before, students are also asking whether or not attendance in a […]


During one of my big data analytics class a few weeks back (before lockdown started, when we were having regular classes), I asked a question to a class packed with about 80 students. None of the students were able to give a proper answer till an unexpected one replied. I could immediately comprehend that the […]

EDUCATION – Redefine the WORD

Introduction Education has been perceived as the most precious wealth for mankind, and we the human beings always feel pride in claiming that we are educated. Being in a country which has the legacy of having imparted the best of education from the ages of gurukula to the modern day education there has been a […]


BANGALORE AS AN EDUCATIONAL HUB Bengaluru – also known as Garden City, Silicon-Valley of India is also one of the well-established Education hubs in India. Since post-Independence, the city has been a home for multiple intelligence method of education. Right from a kindergarten to internationally affiliated schools and universities, the city has catered the needs […]

BA Fashion Design @ Bangalore GCU

As an industry, fashion design is going through a boom which shows no sign of letting up. Research has shown that the apparel market is expected to grow up to 6.2% in 2020, so there has never been a better time to pursue an interest in professional design. The field continues to expand, and new […]

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