Bachelor Of Hotel Management

School of Professional Studies

At the Hotel Management Undergraduate programme in Garden City University you learn how to lead a company successfully in the hospitality sector, either as an entrepreneur or as a manager. You learn to translate the needs and desires of your guests into fascinating and customer oriented products and services. You learn how to find the right balance between running a business and pampering the guests. To help you succeed, you receive teaching in both hotel-specific and management-related subjects. You also learn to develop the required professional attitude. Significant attention is paid for understanding and dealing with cultural diversities, because in the international hotel world you are in daily contact with guests and employees from other countries.

Both practical and theoretical methods of learning are given equal importance. While classroom lectures, discussions, presentations and demonstrations are used for imparting theoretical knowledge, the expansive laboratories help in teaching core subjects like Front Office, Food and Beverage Production, Food and Beverage Service and Housekeeping to provide first hand practical training.

Key Benefit

  • Reputation for good teaching in a student friendly environment.
  • GCU has excellent facilities for the sole use of the department.
  • This programme is in Professional Association with– AFSTI, South India Hotels and Restaurants Association and South India Culinary Association. This certifies that our programme is competent to strengthen the foundations of the students with the foundations enabling a career in hospitality sector.
  • Develops an understanding of the blend between business and customer satisfaction.
  • “Joy of Learning” is the principle guiding strategy for all courses at GCU.
  • GCU employs the “ARM” pedagogy method which fuels ambition in the student, provides ample resources to excel and continuous mentoring for the students to achieve their goal.
  • We train you to Professionally Do and Scientifically Know.
  • Most recent technologies included in Syllabus.
  • Mini-Projects have been included to develop professional programming skills.
  • Embedded grooming of professionals aimed at better placement.
  • Successful graduates are highly placed in varied organizations including hotel industries, restaurants, front office management, airlines etc.

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