About School of National Security and Strategic Studies

The School of National Security and Strategic Studies has been conceptualised to promote better understanding of Strategy and National Security amongst students, researchers and practitioners with a view to strengthening and elevating india’s strategic culture and discourse.

India’s rapid rise in the comity of nations, increasing global competition, rapid expansion of the concept of security and the increasing interdependence between every ‘Business of the Government’, has made the knowledge of National Security a prerequisite for every policy maker and strategic practitioner.


The Aim of the post-graduation programme of ‘MA in International Relations and Defence Studies’ is to empower students, practitioners and future policy makers in holistic understanding of National Security and Strategic Issues with a view to developing their analytical ability in providing well-tempered policy inputs.


The syllabus is based on two fundamental pillars of National Security and Strategy. The curriculum is divided into six parts based on the ‘Components of National Security’ while ‘Strategy’ is the common strand which runs through and binds the modules together. The program will include Strategic Thought, Geopolitics, International Relations, Defence Economy, Technology Management, Defence Industry and National Security Policy. The School organizes series of seminars, workshops, gaming exercises and special sessions with the experts for a better understanding of the subject in addition to the visits to various institutions.

Employment Opportunities

  • Teaching Faculty in University / Colleges / Institutes.
  • Research Assistants / Associates / Fellow in Think Tanks / Research Forums.
  • Consultants with Govt agencies, Disaster Management agencies and industries dealing with security and Defence matters.
  • Defence Journalism / Correspondents.
  • Subject matter experts / Analysts on Strategy, National Security, International relations, United Nations and Disaster Management.
  • Defence acquisition consultants / advisors / experts with Defence Industries.
  • Managers in cyber security Institutions.
  • Assignments in foreign Think Tanks, Collaborations and Corporate Houses.