University was established through Act no. 47 of 2013 in Karnataka State and is approved by UGC, Govt. of India


Conduct and Discipline:

Every student is required to demonstrate ethical, professional and exemplary conduct and decorous behaviour both inside and outside campus and not to indulge in any activity that will tend to bring down the prestige of the University. Should be self-motivated and be self-disciplined and make the most of their ability and contribute to the happiness and well-being of GCU community by supporting others.

Student Code of Conduct:

  • Students should possess their identity card to enter the University premises.
  • Students shall come clean, tidy and modestly dressed in their University blazer provided to them.
  • Students are expected to use only courteous and polite language and behave with dignity with the faculty members and the staff of the University and treat others in the way that they would wish to be treated themselves.
  • Students shall avoid using any insulting, inciting, threatening language when talking with fellow students and should abstain themselves from violence.
  • Students are expected to read notices/circulars displayed on the University Notice Board. Ignorance of not reading any notice/circular thus displayed shall not be accepted as an excuse failing to comply with the directions contained in it.
  • Students should not leave the class or turn-up late to the class under the pretext of paying fees, visiting the library etc.
  • Students are forbidden from entering the University office and the staff rooms during unspecified hours.
  • Ragging and eve teasing is considered a crime and strictly prohibited by an act promulgated by the Supreme Court of India & Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India. If any student indulges in any form of ragging or eve-teasing inside the University premises or outside, one will be summarily expelled from the University.
  • Student vehicles should be parked in the allotted parking space. Vehicles found parked in unauthorized places shall be impounded.
  • Students shall not talk or act in any manner outside the institution in a way that would bring disrepute to the University.
  • The students shall be regular and punctual in attending classes and all activities connected with the University.
  • Gathering in groups on the street, at the University entrance, exit and pathways are strictly prohibited.
  • Performing religious practices as a group or as an individual is not permitted on the University Campus.
  • Students should not involve themselves either directly or indirectly in any form of politics either inside or outside the University during their period of study.
  • No student is permitted to leave the classroom during class hours without a valid reason and permission of the course teacher concerned.
  • While attending University functions, the students will conduct themselves in such a way as to bring credit to themselves and to the University.
  • Spitting, smoking, consumption of alcohol, drugs and throwing unwanted material, littering inside the University campus is strictly prohibited.
  • Students are prohibited from damaging the building or any other property or infrastructure of the University in any way. The cost of any damage so caused will be recovered from the students collectively if the responsibility for it cannot be fixed on an individual or a group of individuals.
  • Complaints and grievances may be made individually to the student welfare officer through the University Student Services Desk.
  • No meeting/function of any kind shall be held in the University premises without the written permission of the Registrar.
  • No notice of any kind shall be circulated among students or displayed on notice board without the written permission of the Registrar.
  • No information or report should be sent to press or broadcasting agencies without the permission and approval of the Registrar.
  • Students are required to strictly adhere to the following:
  • Do not waste food and water.
  • Do not leave the taps open in the restrooms.
  • Switch off the lights/electrical appliances/LCD projectors after use.
  • Use of auditorium/seminar hall shall be with the prior permission of the concerned authorities.
  • Use of sports equipment shall be with the prior permission of the authorities.
  • The students are expected to take up all assignments, tests and examinations of this University seriously and perform at their best.
  • Avoid Plagiarism, malpractices of any kind in learning assignments including project work and its reports.
  • Misconduct during the examination, use of unauthorised gadgets, carrying paper bits etc. would be seriously dealt with.
  • In the University campus, various courses and examinations are conducted simultaneously and hence, students should observe SILENCE within the campus.
  • If a student fails to comply with this regulation, strict disciplinary action will be initiated against the student which may even result in the rustication of the student from the University.

The act of Indiscipline:

  • A student who does not conduct in the manner expected and as stated above is considered to be performing an act of Indiscipline.
  • Acts of Indiscipline are dealt with at zero tolerance.
  • Any acts of Indiscipline of a student is first to be considered by the Discipline and Welfare Committee of the Department for necessary action. If the issue demands more serious consideration, the act of indiscipline will be reported to the Dean and the Dean will refer it to the Discipline and Welfare Committee of the University, constituted by the Vice Chancellor.
  • The Committee will inquire into the charges and recommend suitable action if the charges are substantiated. The Registrar will take appropriate action on the recommendation of the Discipline and Welfare Committee of the University.
  • Anyone found indulging in ragging or any such acts is liable to be dismissed forthwith.
  • Suspension: Registrar may suspend a student pending inquiry depending upon the prima facie evidence.
  • Appeal: The aggrieved student may appeal to the Vice Chancellor whose decision will be final and binding.

Academic Dishonesty

  • When a student is found responsible for a violation of the University code of conduct pertaining to academic dishonesty (Malpractice in Examinations), the Office of Controller of Examinations will initiate action based on the pre-approved procedures.
  • Appropriate penalty or punishment will be awarded to the student and communication sent to the concerned Head of the Department. The matter will be informed to the student's parents duly.

Malpractices by the students appearing for examination:

  • A student is responsible for a violation of the University code of conduct if found in the following situation:
  • If the candidate is found possessing any notes/books or papers scribbled with any contents in the examination hall.
  • Exchange of any material or content with others in the examination hall after the commencement of exam.
  • Speaking or communicating with other candidates while the examination is in progress.
  • Taking with him/her written or blank answer book while leaving the examination hall.
  • Copying or allowing others to copy during the examination.
  • Using abusive/obscene language or being guilty of misconduct.
  • Assaulting any official in any manner involved in the conduct of the examination.
  • Disobeying the instructions of invigilators/squad members.
  • Seeking favour directly or indirectly from teachers, examiners or any other officials, trying to influence or pressurizing them.
  • Any other act on part of the candidate which amount to malpractice.

Procedure for conducting enquiry and reporting:

  • The University Malpractices Lapses Enquiry Committee (UMLEC) shall fix a date for the conduct of the inquiry of the malpractice case.
  • The COE shall communicate to all the candidates booked for the case of malpractice to appear before the UMLEC for enquiry on a specified date and time
  • The UMLEC shall read out the charges of the accused person before the committee and shall record all the statements of the accused in the case.
  • The accused shall defend his/her case personally and no other persons are allowed to represent.
  • After completion of the enquiry, the committee shall submit its report to the COE.
  • The COE shall submit the reports of all malpractices to the Vice-Chancellor at the earliest.

Action after the submission of the report:

  • The Vice-Chancellor shall review the report of UMLEC and after consideration may accept the recommendation of the UMLEC and decide to implement or if the report is not arriving at a proper conclusion, noncompliance or wrong application of relevant and appropriate rules/regulation may refer the report back, to the UMLEC to review its report.
  • Note: Regulations governing the acts of indiscipline and malpractice in the University examination by the teaching and non-teaching staff is described in the Examination Regulation of the University.

Change of Regulations:

  • Any regulation can be modified by the Academic Council of the University.

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