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A Distinctive program encouraging innovation with formidable expertise of Artificial intelligence and machine learning for the next generation pioneers.

Adopt the Change

“AI will add 2.7 millions job vacancies by 2020” Artificial intelligence will replace tasks not the jobs. Whether we are aware or not, every aspect of life is touched by AI/ML applications like Shopping assistants, Spam filters, Home automation, Chat bots, Surgical bots, Algorithmic trading, Navigation and Travel, Banking and finance, Speech recognition, Real-time language translation, Computer vision, Data mining and whole lot more.

Business tycoons are rapidly shifting towards an AI- world. The world is changing so adopt the change and be the tomorrow.

Reforming your expertise in AI/ML is the best way to strengthen your career growth and Professional stability.

“Artificial Intelligence is the new electricity.” ~Andrew Ng


Garden City University is starting a new learning Program where we prepare individuals for careers of tomorrow by vigorous corporate interaction, industry oriented teaching by renowned corporate experts and faculty members.

Our futuristic program are significantly designed for both graduate students and working professionals to furnish them with requisite future skills to lead the technological breakthrough.

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence are the two hottest buzzword across the world. Building smart apps, designing intelligent chat bots to solve real-world problems, and giving machines the ability to think and act on its own, are noble among the top most career skills to power company’s growth.

The GCU Post graduate Diploma in Artificial intelligence and Machine learning. core curriculum is designed to provide you with a thorough understanding of AI and ML concepts

Why AI & ML is the next big thing??

  • Many of the Multinational companies are aiming to incorporate AI in their business activities in the coming years.
  • Healthcare, Marketing, Logistics are looking for techies with a good proficiency in AI.
  • Digital India program promotes to AI, ML, Robotics and other innovations in the country.
  • Every startup and MNC’s are looking for candidates who can build an AI-related solution..  Read more.....

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