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Tourism is a progressing and important part of our lives, and the tourism industry is one of the few global industries forecast to grow in the long term. In India, managing this rapidly growing industry to meet visitors' demands in a sustainable way is exciting and challenging. This well- established and recently updated course will give you the knowledge, analytical abilities and skills you need to make a career as a tourism professional. Learning and performing in a professional working environ at our campus and having our Travel Management graduates based out of 78 different nations around the world. (Click to know the fee structure)

Key Benefit

  • This course examines the international regulatory framework for air transport and the impact of deregulation. Economic principles are evaluated in terms of costs and revenue structures.
  • This course gives you the opportunity to examine the organization and management of the tourism industry. You will examine operations and capacity issues, operations for management, marketing, expansion issues, and the role of regional tourism management.
  • This course draws on the notion of "the experience economy with professional learning" and evaluates the ability of effective design and new technologies to engage consumer senses in order to enhance the visitor experience.
  • India being a melting pot of cultures, GCU will assess the role which festivals and events perform in stimulating community pride and energizing local residents, and investigate their contribution to local economies.
  • GCU focus on the specific challenges and opportunities associated with the genre of mega events such as National Olympic Games, world cups and international tourism expos, and their impact on image and urban regeneration in India.
  • This course uniquely provides students with experience of professional practice going by our teaching methodology and undertaking a consultancy project on behalf of one of our industry partners.
  • How tourism shapes cities and how cities shape tourism. You will explore Indian urban tourism's distinct characteristics, the different forms it takes, and its key markets. Particular attention is paid to tourism in India – GCU being at the located in Bangalore, world most dynamic city.  Read more.....

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