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How Modern Universities Encourage the Holistic Development of Students

If you thought impressive grades alone would take you to your dream career, you are in for a rude awakening. Successful careers, and by that extension, successful lives, do not rest solely on textbook knowledge. An individual needs holistic growth to function effectively in various settings.

What Is Holistic Development?

Holistic development is the comprehensive development that occurs in all facets of an individual's life. With carefully curated coursework and co-curricular activities to supplement development in cognitive, social, emotional and other related abilities, holistic development is responsible for individuals that add value to a community.

When it comes to universities, traditional ones may have focused only on intellectual development. But today, modern universities such as Garden City University aim to provide students with an opportunity for well-rounded development.

Key Areas Targeted for Holistic Development

Cognitive Development

This is the area that shows maximum growth within the time that you spent at a university. Once students start college, their chosen coursework challenges their ability to think in novel ways and put their musings into a comprehensible message. At the same time, assignments and projects offer critical thinking and problem-solving opportunities.

With opportunities such as the GCU Incubation Center, creativity and innovation are nurtured in the students. The placement cell at institutes like the GCU demands a higher standard from the graduates, and working to meet such standards allows students to grow into better professionals and people.

Emotional Development

Gone are the days when IQ made all the difference in the employability of individuals. Research has shown that the Emotional Quotient or EQ of a person is more important for success in life. Graduates from modern universities have opportunities for developing interpersonal skills, managing conflicts, handling pressure, and working in a team to achieve collective goals.

Developing on the emotional front is necessary for success and helps improve an individual's mental and physical health. Managing stress and expressing emotions in healthy ways can prevent the onset of numerous conditions.

Social Development

Humans are social beings, and there is no way human beings would have thrived this long without each others support. This is why the development of social skills must be of utmost importance during the university years. Communication is one of the abilities most students profoundly develop in their college years, followed by working in a team.

University is one of the few places where people from diverse backgrounds come together to learn. This becomes an excellent opportunity for students to learn to network and accept individual differences. Most of the time, socialisation in university makes way for relationships that last lifetimes.

Health and Wellness

Even though it sounds odd, college students learn a lot about caring for themselves and others. Garden City University's students are familiar with good physical and mental health implications. From eating healthy to meditating regularly, the self-care routines and techniques nurtured during college days can keep individuals healthy and ready to take on any challenge in their line of work.

Final Thoughts

The latest trends in hiring show that most organisations not only consider a student's overall academic performance but also consider holistic development when they recruit for various jobs. This makes the holistic development of students in schools and colleges very important.

Holistic development is the approach that students need to thrive and survive in the present world. Since college is a time when the students go through significant life discoveries, this is the right time to provide them with a well-rounded support system.

Right from the beginning of the academic year, modern universities like Garden City University expose students to various activities that enable development in multiple areas of life. With the advent of new-age technologies and teaching methods, the overall holistic development of a student has become necessary. Visit Garden City University to learn more about college education that allows holistic development.


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