Extracurricular Activities In Garden City University

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Extracurricular activities

We believe that extracurricular activities are the most important component in a child’s life. For development, extra and co-curricular activities play a crucial role in bringing out the true personality of the student. This gives the students a time off from the academic performance pressure, gives room for creativity and fresh ideas. Be it in sports, drama, music, social service and anything that tickles the students interest, it all enables the student to be more intelligent.

At Garden City University, we organise an annual award ceremony exclusively for Gardenians - the CREAM Awards. It is bestowed by the University to recognize the excellence of Gardenians from all departments in the fields of Academics, Sports, Research, Cultural, Entrepreneurship and various other verticals. This is part of our student appreciation programmes, where we recognise efforts and skills of our students. This acts as a form of motivation for all Gardenians to strive for greatness.

GCU Puraskars are the highest academically conferred awards given to an eclectic group of achievers. The GCU Puraskars are intended to recognize the virtue created by the expert professionals and organizations that have laid the stepping stone to a great journey that ensures a brilliant future to aspirants in the fields of Travel and Tourism, Hospitality, Fashion, Media, Management, IT and Life Sciences.

SIDEWALK International Theatre Fest is a multi-lingual theatre fest organized by the Theatre Club of Garden City University. The fest has witnessed great theatrical skills from the participants representing Sri Lanka and also other states of India. The fest has been appreciated by International Amateur Theatre Association, Sri Theatre Organization from Sri Lanka; Saamhaara theatre group from Hyderabad; Abhinaya Tharanga from Bangalore any many others. There were plays staged on variety of languages such as German, Sinhalese, English, Marathi, Kannada, Hindi etc.

A unique opportunity for the students at Garden City University to participate in an extempore session which is organized every day after the class hours. Everyday a student should register their name to the LRC team on the Front office desk. The student will get a chance to speak on any recent social issues and their fellow classmates will be the audience. This programme was initiated to develop the communication skills of the students and also to make them a successful orator.

The regional days are celebrated by GCU Students to showcase their Indian and foreign culture, ethnicity and tradition through cultural events, dressing and cuisine. You get to share cultural characteristics and tradition with fellow Gardenians. The GCU campus turns into a Mini-World full of vibrant colours, style, grace and beauty.

The campus newspaper provides you a platform not only to hone your reporting and writing skills, but also to prepare you for the professional world where meeting deadlines is the norm. This exercise helps you gain overall exposure and making you Industry ready.

Campus World is a monthly in-house magazine, which has an envious popularity to boast of. The magazine is entirely handled by the Students with active support from the faculty. Campus World is a step onto the path of creative enrichment and talent enhancement for you. It is a matter of pride to the students here that the circulation of Campus World has reached over 80 countries.

A campus news bulletin called ‘G NEWS’ (Video) and ‘Campus Radio News’ are Student centric programs produced by Electronic Media Students of GCU. You can participate in the video documenting of all the major events and programmes of the University such as seminars, workshops, conferences, meets and cultural events.

The University has an NSS unit operated by NSS Officers and Student volunteers. Social service activities such as Blood Donation Camps and Sapling planting amongst others are the major functions of NSS. Students conduct surveys in the nearby villages and promote health awareness. Regular health check camps are also arranged for the economically backward classes.

The NCC unit of GCU is under the 9th Karnataka Battalion. It is the youngest company in 9 Karnataka Battalion which is under Bangalore Group 'B' Karnataka & Goa Directorate. This GCU Company is a unique blend of Cadets from all over India and Nepal. The insignia of the company is a portrait of Shaheed Bhagat Singh written Braveheart on it, as he was the brave heart of Indian freedom struggle and our Cadets draw motivation and courage from his bravery. Apart from regular NCC parades, other activities like parasailing, rock climbing, trekking and adventure trips are conducted by the cadets.

A unique training program developed by GCU where a battalion of young managers are created. This platform gives you hands-on experience on managing various events and associated activities. The activities include steps right from concept creation, budgeting, fund raising and sponsorship, forming of organizing committee, responsibility assignment, creative communication and design, invitation and publicity, hospitality and guest relations, event production and technical management, discipline and crowd management etc. The students also get to meet the stalwarts from the industry and luminaries from various fields. Gardenians who make the most of this program have been success stories at their work place and careers.


The legacy of Garden City University comes from the Garden City Group of Institutions established in 1992.

The Garden City Group of Institutions has been a home for students from 81 nations to this day and the family is growing...

Please note : The above data need not be misread as that of Garden City University which commenced its operations in 2017; however GCU is a part of the Garden City Group of Institutions established in 1992.