BA Audio Sound and Music

One of the sectors that will always remain marketable in an economy is the music and audio industry. The industry undergoes massive changes, and there is a need to continually train dynamic expertise to guide the industry through its rapid evolution.

It’s due to this reason that Garden City University offers a course in Audio Sound and Music BA Sound and Music. Our programs are dedicated to instilling new production techniques in students at both introductory and dynamic levels. Our lessons are committed to various aspects of audio and music like production, recording and other innovations to enhance the entire music industry

There is rapid growth within the sound and audio industry, with a lot of focus placed on technology and innovation. The sector aims at the incorporation of technology into the industry by having more sophisticated audio and sound equipment. At Garden City University, we understand this, and that’s why we are one of the leading institution committed to guiding you to enhance innovation in this industry

The sector is growing, with a lot of opportunities being created daily. Currently, we are faced with an era of digital audio that opens new avenues like a digital audio auditor. People value music as a form of entertainment and will never, at any time, quit. Don’t be worried the jobs here are permanent and secure, unlike other industries that are faced with extinction.

Career opportunities

Career opportunities in the audio and sound industry are numerous. We are committed to training a dynamic team with multiple specialties to fill in all the available gaps in the music industry. Some of the careers include

Record Producer

A record producer is in charge of the role of production and recording of audio, whether one song or an entire album. The job involves gathering project ideas, availing recourses for production and recording, working with artists to improve the lyrics.

Audio Technician

The role of an audio technician is to ensure quality audio/recording/live sound recording. The role is to work with producers to ensure the desired sound is achieved.

Recording Studio Manager

The role is to oversee the day to day running of the studio. Other functions include the hiring of the studio staff.

Sound Designer

A sound designer’s role is to find and create recorded or live audio effects that will be used for a wide range of productions and multimedia performances. The results can be used in television and radio commercials, among other many roles.

Sound Mixer

The role of a sound mixer is to manage the volume or the quality of sound being played and recorded. This is necessary in cases whereby more than one microphone is being used.

Digital Audio Editor

The job involves making digital edits of sound and audio such as cutting, copying, splicing, mixing, cleaning, and adding effects to the recording session output.

Other jobs include composers, songwriters, voice talents, instrumentalists, music managers, and many others.

This course provides you with an easy to exploit your musical talent without relying on other expertise for assistance in exchange for payments.


The course is available for anyone who has a passion for music-related careers, movies, and even acting. The range of opportunities available makes it suitable for every teenager since you can specialize and become an expert in one of the sub courses.

At the end of the course, we offer certificates to all those who have qualified by meeting our set minimums. We also recommend students from various available internships and job opportunities.

Need for specialization

We offer all these courses to our students. Enroll with us today and pick a course that best suits your needs. We can offer more than one course if you feel you need to be multiplayer in the industry. The benefit of choosing one course and sticking to it is that you get to become a specialist in a particular sector in the music industry. This will open avenues to grow and indulge in private practices like consultation and establish business or schools related to your profession.

Possible higher studies after completion

Music and audio courses open you up to a world of whole new experiences in terms of career and academic advancements. With our certification, you can proceed to pursue

Music and sound technology(Music engineering) this course provides you with post-graduate education aimed at improving professionalism for production, audio, live studio setting,

You can also pursue a master’s of creative output, amongst other available courses.

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