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Calendar of Events - Even Semester 2020
Date Day Name of Events Department Incharge for general events
2 - 4 Jan 2020 Thur - Sat FDP Common Event Dr. Sudhagar
6-Jan-2020 Monday Commencement of classes for II, IV and VI semester UG and PG Common Event All Departments
6,7 Jan 2020 Mon, Tue PhD Accultration Programme Research Dr. Sudhagar
7-17  Jan 2020   Practical Examinations (I, III & V sem UG and PG)  Common Event All Departments
13-Jan-2020 Monday Industrial Visit CMS Mr. Nataraja Chary
15-Jan-2020 Wednesday Makara Sankranti    
16,17 Jan 2020 Thur, Fri Porfolio Presentation for VI semester FAD Ms. Anuja & Team
17-Jan-2020 Friday Special lecture on Fashion Illustration FAD Ms. Anuja & Team
17-Jan-2020 Friday Poster making for 2nd sem on "Sustainable Tourism Goals" Tourism Ms. Joyce
18-Jan-2020 Saturday Workshop- Fashion Photography Media Dr. Shiba & Team (At GCCHouse)
20-Jan-2020 Monday French Cuisine – Expert Lecture  Hotel Management Chef Ravi
20-Jan-2020 Monday Deccan Herald Media Dr. Shiba & Team
21-Jan-2020 Tuesday Dry needling PHYSIOTHERAPY Dr. Sudhan S.G.
21-Jan-2020 Tuesday EDUCATIONAL TRIP ENGLISH Ms. Reshma Binu & Ms Sowmya A.N.
21-Jan-2020 Tuesday Industrial Visit CMS Mr. Nataraja Chary
23-Jan-2020 Thursday National Tourism Day Celebrations Tourism Ms. Ishrat Wahab
24-Jan-2020 Friday Hotel renovation Guest Lecture  Hotel Management Smritee Raghubalan
24-Jan-2020 Friday Workshop on basic women's corsets FAD Ms. Anuja & Team
24-Jan-2020 Friday Workshop on basic women's corsets FAD Ms. Anuja & Team
24-Jan-2020 Friday Guest Lecture Media Dr. Shiba & Team
26-Jan-2020 Sunday Republic Day Celebration Common Event Dr. Shiba and Team
27-Jan-2020 Monday Workshop on core stability PHYSIOTHERAPY Dr. Pinky Dutta
27-Jan-2020 Monday Industrial Visit  Life Sciences Dr. Praveen
27-Jan-2020 Monday Industrial Visit  CMS Mr. Nataraja Chary
27-Jan-2020 Monday Grovers Vineyard visit Hotel Management Mr Regi Mathew 
28-Jan-2020 Tuesday Industrial visit To Cheese factory Hotel Management Chef Sidney/Chef Naveen
28-Jan-2020 Tuesday Pre Budget Symposium CMS Dr. Thomson
29-Jan-2020 Wednesday Blood Donation Camp Common Event Cpt. Vishnu
29-Jan-2020 Wednesday Seminar on  Software Testing Computer Science Dr. Shivamurthaiah
29-Jan-2020 Wednesday Special Lecture on Business Research Methodology FAD Ms. Anuja & Team
30-Jan-2020 Thursday Industrial Visit 1 Schizophrenia care center Psychology Mr. Stephan Babu
30-Jan-2020 Thursday HYPERTEXT NARRATIVE EXHIBITION ENGLISH Dr. Subha Gora & Ms Sowmya A.N. 
30-Jan-2020 Thursday Orientation for MBA-IV OS Report and Project Report CMS Mr. Sashi Kumar
30-Jan-2020 Thursday Commits Seminar participation Media Dr. Shiba & Team
31-Jan-2020 Friday Workshop on portfolio presentation for VI semester FAD Ms. Anuja & Team
31-Jan-2020 Friday Event covered by Oxfam(ISR) Media Dr. Shiba & Team
31 Jan, 1 Feb 2020 Fri, Sat Student Conclave at Indira Gandhi National Tribal University Tourism Mr. Sumit kr Singh
3-Feb-2020 Monday Obesity & Lifestyle modifications PHYSIOTHERAPY Dr. Navabharatha Reddy
3-Feb-2020 Monday Result announcement I & III sem PG Common Event All Departments
3-5 Feb 2020 Mon - Wed IV Sem  PG ESE Common Event All Departments
4-Feb-2020 Tuesday Industrial Visit CMS Mr. Nataraja Chary
5-Feb-2020 Wednesday Laundry Visit Hotel Management Smritee Raghubalan
5-Feb-2020 Wednesday CREATIVE WRITING COMPETITION ENGLISH Dr. Chiramel  & Team
6-Feb-2020 Thursday Seminar on Robotics and Augmented Reality Computer Science Sibi Shaji
6-Feb-2020 Thursday Posture analysis and corrections PHYSIOTHERAPY Dr. Prasanna Mohan
6-Feb-2020 Thursday Workshop - advanced Cinematography techniques wtih RED camera Media Dr. Shiba & Team
7-Feb-2020 Friday Industrial Vist-2 Brain Museum, NIMHANS Psychology Mr. Stephan Babu
7-Feb-2020 Friday Industrial visit for IV semester FAD Ms. Anuja & Team
7-Feb-2020 Friday EXTEMPORE ENGLISH, HINDI, KANNADA Dr Kiran Kumar, Ms Sanmyogitha, Mr Ashwath Narayan.
7-Feb-2020 Friday Workshop CMS Ms. Shilpa
7,8 Feb 2020 Fir,Sat OXFAM TRAILWALKER PHYSIOTHERAPY Dr. Prasanna Mohan
10-Feb-2020 Monday Result announcement I, III, V sem UG Common Event All Departments
10-Feb-2020 Monday Lumbar motor control - seminar PHYSIOTHERAPY Dr. Payal Jain
11-Feb-2020 Tuesday Culinary Studio -I Hotel Management Chef Sidney/ Chef Ravi
11-Feb-2020 Tuesday Guest lecture 1 Tourism Ms. Shalu Singh
11-Feb-2020 Tuesday Industrial Visit CMS Mr. Nataraja Chary
12-Feb-2020 Wednesday STORY/ POETRY WRITING HAIKU ENGLISH Dr Mary Binu & Ms Sangamithra.
12-Feb-2020 Wednesday Project Orientation-internal CMS Mr. Sashi Kumar
14-Feb-2020 Friday Surface & Functional Anatomy of Lower extremtiy PHYSIOTHERAPY Ms. Indujaa M.
14-Feb-2020 Friday Karnataka Day Common Event Ms Florence Shoba
14-Feb-2020 Friday Hospitality Exhibition  Hotel Management Mr Dileep/ Chef Naveen/ Mr Natesan
14-Feb-2020 Friday Visit to weavers service centre / Central Silk Board for II semester FAD Ms. Anuja & Team
15-Feb-2020 Saturday      
15-Feb-2020 Saturday Screen play writing- Your first Film script Media Dr. Shiba & Team
17 - 21Feb 20 Mon - Fri Heritage week for all semester and Fashion Photography workshop for VI semester FAD Ms. Anuja & Team
17-Feb-2020 Monday Industrial Visit  Life Sciences Dr. Chetana
17-Feb-2020 Monday Guest Relations – Guest Lecture Hotel Management Mr Dileep
18-Feb-2020 Tuesday Industrial Visit CMS Mr. Nataraja Chary
18-Feb-2020 Tuesday Workshop on Analysis of Food Adulterant Life Sciences Dr Nagamani J E
19-Feb-2020 Wednesday Innovative Beverage workshop Hotel Management Mr Natesan/ Regi Mathew
20-Feb-2020 Thursday Workshop on Flow Cytometry  Life Sciences Dr Kiran Kumar
20-Feb-2020 Thursday Workshop"AMOS and SPSS" Psychology Mr. Stephan Babu
20 - 28 Feb 2020 Thur - Fri Film Fesival (BIFFS) MEdia Dr. Shiba & Team
21-Feb-2020 Friday Maha Shivarathri    
22-Feb-2020 Saturday CREAM Awards Common Event Ms. Shalu Singh & Dr. Rajeshwari
24-Feb-2020 Monday Lower extremity functional testing PHYSIOTHERAPY Dr. Lakshmi Pavani P.
24-Feb-2020 Monday Guest Lecture CMS Dr. Shiba & Team
25-Feb-2020 Tuesday Industrial Visit CMS Mr. Nataraja Chary
26-Feb-2020 Wednesday Mental Health awareness program- social outreach program  Psychology Mr. Stephan Babu / Ms. Neethu. V.R
27-Feb-2020 Thursday Workshop on Application of BioStatistics in Life Sciences Life Sciences Dr Kannan K
27-Feb-2020 Thursday International Conference CMS Dr. Nivya
28-Feb-2020 Friday Industrial visit to ISRO Computer Science Dr. Meenatchi Sundaram /
Ms. Parvathy
28-Feb-2020 Friday Special Lecture on Fashion Accessories for VI Semester FAD Ms. Anuja & Team
28-Feb-2020 Friday Weightlessness & its effect on Astronaughts - Seminar PHYSIOTHERAPY Dr. Sukumar Nayak
28-Feb-2020 Friday HR Conclave CMS Dr. Nivya
1-Mar-2020 Monday Career Scope in Accommodation Management Hotel Management Mr Ranganathan
2-6 Mar 2020 Mon - Fri VI sem UG ESE and AECC, SEC, GE ESE for II & IV sem UG Common Event All Departments
2-Mar-2020 Monday Leadership and management skills in Hospitality Industry Hotel Management Mr. Regi Mathew 
3-Mar-2020 Tuesday National Workshop on Apitherapy Life Sciences Dr Bhargava H R
4-Mar-2020 Tuesday Wokshop on handling of animal models in Research Life Sciences Dr Sharangouda Patil
5-Mar-2020 Thursday Industrial Visit CMS Mr. Nataraja Chary
6-Mar-2020 Friday Awareness talk on Lymphodema Management - Prof. Malarvizhi PHYSIOTHERAPY Dr. Anjali suresh
6-Mar-2020 Friday Micro-Brewery visit Hotel Management Mr Natesan
6-Mar-2020 Friday Industrial visit for II semester FAD Ms. Anuja & Team
6-Mar-2020 Friday DRAMA COMPETITION ENGLISH Dr. Chiramel  & Team
7-Mar-2020 Saturday International Women's Day Common Event Dr. Bala
10-Mar-2020 Tuesday Guest lecture 2 Tourism Dr. Sumit Kr Singh
10-Mar-2020 Tuesday GLP in Microbiology Life Sciences Dr Prema Kulkarni
11-Mar-2020 Wednesday Toxicology Testing methods Life Sciences Dr Shurti Awasti
12-Mar-2020 Thursday Antenatal & Postnatal fitness educator training PHYSIOTHERAPY Dr. Kavitha Venkatesan
12-Mar-2020 Thursday Industrial Visit CMS Mr. Nataraja Chary
13-Mar-2020 Friday Transition-2020. 19th International Conference Hotel Management Ms Smritee Ragubalan, Mr Ranganathan
13-Mar-2020 Friday Workshop on Molecular Biology Life Sciences Dr Vanitha Krishna
16-Mar-2020 Monday Industrial visit to technomed - Chennai PHYSIOTHERAPY Dr. Sudhan S.G
16-Mar-2020 Monday Namma Nimma Cinema  CMS Dr.Shiba
18-Mar-2020 Wednesday Industial visit to Sports Authority of India PHYSIOTHERAPY Dr. Pinky Dutta
18-Mar-2020 Wednesday  Seminar CMS Ms. Vidya Sarat
20-Mar-2020 Friday Seminar on Mental Health Psychology Dr. Smitha M Reddy/ Mr. Stephen Babu


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