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How is a B.Tech. Data Science Degree Future-Ready?

Data Science is a popular field with lucrative jobs that encourage an increasing number of students to upgrade their skills. While most Data Science courses are taken as certificates, diplomas, or short-term skill-up learning through edtech platforms, earning a B.Tech. in Data Science gives you comprehensive expertise in the subject.

Garden City University offers a well-structured degree programme in data science to prepare you for a great future.

Why a B.Tech. in Data Science?

Data Science is experiencing a boom in recent years. Industry personnel and academic veterans have realised that taking short-term skill-up courses cannot fulfil the demand of expert data scientists. A rigorous curriculum and in-depth knowledge are essential to thrive in the growing industry. A four-year undergraduate course will impart basic to advanced concepts to a student and train him with practical dexterity to bridge the academia-industry gap.

A B.Tech. degree will introduce students to the concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the foundation while focusing on Programming and Algorithms in the advanced semesters.

Though some professionals believe Data Science to be an advanced learning program that should not be taught as an individual discipline at the undergraduate level, most are of the notion that multidisciplinary knowledge of mathematics, computer science, statistics, and data handling cannot be imparted in superficial courses.

What Skills Will You Learn?

Data scientists should be fluent in mathematical and technological theories and applications to make them employable. They must have the following skills.

Linear Algebra and Calculus

To develop a machine learning model, a data scientist must be proficient in multivariable calculus, cost function, tensor and matrix functions, vector and scalar, rectified linear unit function, and gradients and derivatives. A B.Tech.degree encompasses these modules, ensuring their practical applications during the course as well.

Data Handling and Cloud Computing

Acquiring and analysing large datasets followed by processing and cleansing data with cloud computing are the daily chores of a data scientist. Cloud computing platforms like Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure provide bread and butter to a data science professional.

NLP and Deep Learning

Natural Language Processing enables easy processing of automated interaction between humans and computers. Chatbots, voice assistants, and language translators transform human data into coded forms. Deep Learning solves problems like fraud detection, pixel restoration, and image resolution through Artificial Neural Networks.

Programming (Python/R) and SQL

Data scientists need to learn various programming languages like Julia, Scala, Swift, Python, and R. A B.Tech. degree offers comprehensive knowledge in programming and extracting raw data with the help of SQL to transform it into useful information.

What Scope Do You Have as a B.Tech. Data Scientist?

Data Science is emerging as a top-notch career option for most technology enthusiasts. Starting from healthcare sectors to eCommerce industries, data scientists play an inevitable role and enjoy lucrative take-home salaries.


The healthcare sector generates huge data on a daily basis which requires proper handling and processing. Hospitals and clinics need the help of data scientists to process patient histories, bills, staff repositories, and much more complex data.


Data scientists help analyse customer behaviour and provide customised solutions to end-users. They enable easy online shopping and secured transactions to provide great service to customers.

How Much Can You Earn?

Though your remuneration will vary according to your academic records, practical performance, and experience, the average salary of a data scientist varies from $95,000 to $165,000 per year.


Data Science is a promising career that has enticed numerous fertile minds to earn a valued prospect. Having a B.Tech. degree provides you with the necessary competence to get a high-salaried job and a secured future in the field.

If you want to be part of the promising future of data science, visit our website to learn about our B.Tech. Data Science programme.


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