University established under Karnataka State Act 47 of 2013


Academics: 10 + 2 or equivalent with a combination of English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Desirable Aptitude And Areas Of Interest

Educational route

The students should have the enthusiasm for scholastic activities such as research & development, quality control, IPR, entrepreneurship and they should show interest in a comprehensive discourse.

Community route

The students are expected to participate in various academic and also in community based programs, making the most of the opportunities available to you..

Composite route

You are encouraged to be active in varied extra-curricular activities and enjoy participation in areas such as sport, traveling, outdoor activities and community work.

Co-culture route:

Although we do not require applicants to have been in paid or voluntary employment, we welcome applications from those who can manifest assiduity and propensity to prioritise by being employed in assignments alongside their studies.

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