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Make a career out of travel!

Make sure that your customers enjoy the best time of the year, a service industry with considerable economic, social, political, cultural and environmental significance, both domestically and internationally negotiate with hotels, advertising agencies, airlines and much more. As a manager in the multifaceted tourist sector, you will encounter many responsibilities.

Start your career at the heart of the Tourist hub, here in Bangalore. By studying for a Bachelor's degree at the Garden City University, the only university to have a strong prominence on Professionally doing and Scientifically knowing with regards to teaching pedagogy and hence deliver the quality in training as an expert with the main focus on relevant areas, with a range of choices.

This course, since its inception in Garden City College, aims to produce graduates who have an understanding of the operation of the private and public sectors and the interactions between them with respect to tourism.

Key Benefit

  • GCU’s main focus with regard to contents consist of business basics with a tourism covering, cross cultural and social competence as well as leadership- and professional competence.
  • Our subject specialist staff, and course design is to develop and maximize your potential through a variety of teaching methods and activities with professional work and scientific knowledge for learning.
  • It also provides students with the opportunity of developing more specific vocational skills related to potential career areas in either the public or private sectors involved in tourism.
  • BA Tourism, History and English deals with the maintenance and development of a multinational educational quality in tourism management across national borders, our students have the knowledge and the skills required to manage and handle cross-cultural processes, stakeholders and environments in a right and ethical way.
  • We bring in travel experts and industry for It is noticed in literatures that more successful learning occurs when teachers’ teaching methods are matched to students’ learning styles that students are able to adapt more readily to different learning situations.
  • We identify the most commonly employed teaching methods in the department.
  • We investigate students’ preferences of teaching methodology.
  • We identify the reasons why students, prefer methods of teaching and have adopted our own professional learning and working with scientific knowledge based on in-depth subject knowledge which also provide for fundamental learning at GCU.

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