How Art Colleges in Bangalore Gain Popularity in India

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How are Art Colleges in Bangalore Gaining Popularity in the Whole of India?

In recent times, a degree or diploma in the discipline of Arts is a choice made by many aspiring students in India. There are several growth opportunities in the country, and candidates are willing to explore the countless possibilities in this stream, which has led to a steep rise in students opting for Art colleges across the country.

Among all Indian metropolitan cities, Bangalore has hosted the most encouraging number of students in Art colleges for the past consecutive years.

Scope of Art Education in Bangalore

Bangalore has developed itself as a hub for the Arts stream in recent times. Students from throughout India have made their way into the city to realize their love for the discipline.

While India has been known to churn out medical professionals and engineers in huge numbers, a shift towards Arts was inevitable. A large number of students are cutting off from the much-focused STEM education to opt for an arts education instead.

Candidates today are much more aware of their surrounding possibilities and the prospects that a professional Arts course offers. Modelled around the western-style of imparting and encouraging the Arts, Bangalore has come up in ranks as the most preferred place for acquiring formal education in Arts.

With the advent of technology and even platforms for people to showcase their talents, professional Arts courses have opened up avenues for students in India to propose it as a rewarding specialization. Apart from that, many people even after having a degree in other streams find Arts as an attractive option to refine their creative talents.

The popularity of Bangalore Art Colleges in India

Contrary to popular belief, professional courses such as medical and engineering streams are nowhere in India's top three most enrolled courses. That honour lies with the Arts stream, with over 94 lakh students enrolling in the course each year.

While Bangalore has offered the most elaborate and best quality education in all faculties of education for a long time, Art colleges in Bangalore have witnessed a steep rise in recent years - and students and faculty across India are noticing!

Art education in India has been reliant on an age-old British-era curriculum and practice, but there has been a reformation in progress. Bangalore is one of the most updated cities in the country, seamlessly taking into the changing Art Education structure that has revolutionized the west and produced talents in every spectrum of creativity.

Bangalore is home to one of the most extensive designed Arts curricula that cover UG, PG, and Diploma courses, including Tourism and Event Management, Fashion and Apparel designs, Hotels Management, Literature, History, etc. among others.

Of course, the most considerable boost for Art Colleges in Bangalore is provided by the exposure that the place has to offer for any educational aptitude.

These colleges do not just provide their students with the requisite exposure to make them ready for their eventual professions but also ensure that they are enhancing their other qualities and characteristics as well. Their specially designed program structures ensure the students who earn a degree are also prepared as able individuals in all aspects of life.

Summing It Up

Colleges such as the Garden City University are thus unique in this respect; their “emphasis on life” enables them to not just provide their students with the best education in the discipline of Arts, but also enhance them as individuals. Many students in the arts degree courses have been placed in companies like DSV Air & Sea Pvt Ltd, Indigo Airlines, and Amazon.

They offer degrees in Psychology, English, Journalism, and Mass communication. If you wish to be one of those successful Arts graduates, click here to learn more about what they offer. Begin your Arts journey with GCU, today!


The legacy of Garden City University comes from the Garden City Group of Institutions established in 1992.

The Garden City Group of Institutions has been a home for students from 81 nations to this day and the family is growing...

Please note : The above data need not be misread as that of Garden City University which commenced its operations in 2017; however GCU is a part of the Garden City Group of Institutions established in 1992.