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Garden City University (previously Garden City College) celebrating its 25th Anniversary stands proud of its 14,000+ strong alumni spread across the globe. GCU has been a home for students from 80 nations to this day and the family is growing. 

The life experiences at GCU with the motto "Emphasis on Life" definitely ingrains a belongingness in the minds of every student graduating from here. This is evident in the way our alumni connects to GCU even when they are far away from their Alma Mater.

To strengthen the camaraderie and bonding the registered central Alumni Association of GCU extended its reach through installation of various alumni chapters across the nation. Purv - The Eastern Chapter, Paschim - The Western Chapter and Dakshin - The Southern Chapter, ensures the alumni spread across the region has enough opportunities to connect, share and grow.

Purv – The Eastern Chapter
Paschim – The Western Chapter
Dakshin – The Southern Chapter
Utthar – The Northern Chapter

Reunion 3rd Saturday of every June – The alumni

You take step and we together take a leap
Activate your alumni profile now and take advantage of the host of benefits that GCU has to offer.

Professional Development
GCU offers many benefits and assistance to alumni to progress in their careers and further study.

Stay connected
You would always want to travel back to Bangalore, we are here to receive you with arms wide open. Don’t miss out on the great facilities the GCU has to offer.

Pass on the baton of knowledge to the current students; hand hold and mentor them to make strong relationships.

Give Back
You are the ambassadors of GCU, whether big or small, you contribution, helps to give a push to our close knit community to progress. Each year hundreds of our alumni from around the world choose to give back to their alma mater, through student referrals, knowledge sharing, donations and enriching our research. You definitely can make a difference to your university.


Proud of its 45,000+ strong Alumni spread across the globe.
GCU has been a home for students from 81 nations
to this day and the family is growing...

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